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Deposit. Letter of guarantee from NAV

A deposit is a deposit. The amount from which material losses caused to the lessor’s property will be deducted. If the lessor has no material claims against the lessee at the end of the lease term, the deposit is used to pay for the last months of the lease. The deposit usually ranges from one to three months of rent.

The deposit is transferred by the tenant to a separate account of the lessor. Neither the tenant nor the landlord can use this amount for a certain period of time. This amount is frozen until the end of the lease agreement.

If for some reason you do not have the required amount to make a deposit, you can contact NAV for assistance. The NAV can provide a letter of guarantee that will be equivalent to the deposited funds. It is important to discuss this option with the landlord, as not everyone may be willing to accept such conditions.

To receive a letter of guarantee from the NAV, you need to make an appointment with your NAV supervisor (contact person) who oversees your social benefits. You will need to explain the reason for the application, explain why you are unable to make a deposit yourself


Updated on 05.09.2023

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