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Obtaining housing (third stage)¶

Once your application for collective protection has been granted and you are ready to settle in one of the communes, the Directorate for Integration and Cultural and Ethnic Diversity (IMDi) will find a suitable place for you and your family to live. If you need assistance from the authorities, you cannot choose a commune to settle in at will, but you can express your wishes in this regard.

However, if you find a house/apartment for rent before IMDi has selected a commune for you to live in, you can contact the commune administration to ask if they will accept you and the accommodation you have found. You should not sign a rental agreement until it is approved by the commune. Municipalities can also refuse to approve a rental agreement and indicate that they only accommodate people after a request from IMDi.

Source: https://nyinorge.github.io/

Updated on 12.09.2023

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