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Payment for toll roads and ferries (for cars)

Ukrainians pay for toll roads and ferry fares by car on a general basis.

You can check for unpaid fares at https://epass24.com.

When registering on the site, enter your car license plate number in Latin letters.

This is what unpaid ferry or toll road bills look like.

Payment by steam

You can pay for the ferry directly on the ferry with your card. Usually, a ferry employee will come to the car to accept payment, or you can find one yourself. If you do not pay the bill immediately, the information about this trip will still be saved in the database.

If you use ferries regularly, it makes sense to register at https://autopassferje.no/

If you have a registered Autopass device, you will be able to receive a discount of up to 50% on ferry tickets. To do this, you will need to deposit autopassferje – 3000 NOK to your balance. Then the payment for travel will be deducted from this balance.

What is Autopass?

AutoPASS is an automated road and ferry toll collection system owned and operated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

When you connect to the system, you get a special device that is mounted under the windshield of the car.

There are several providers through which you can connect to Autopass.

Please note that different providers offer different discounts.

Payment for highways

One of the most popular providers for paying for roads in Volda is SkyttelPASS. When you connect to it, you have to pay 200 NOK and you will receive an Autopass device to your mailing address. The device is sent within 5-10 days after registration.

Thanks to the agreement with SkyttelPASS, you will receive a 20% discount on highway tolls.

This device also comes with an agreement with Autopassferje. This way you will have one device for paying for both ferries and roads.

Where exactly does Skyttelpass work?

  • On all roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway with AutoPASS toll stations
  • On all ferries in Norway with AutoPASS chip as a payment solution
  • On the Bastø Fosen ferry service between Moss-Horten
  • On the Eresund connection between Malmö and Copenhagen
  • On the Storebæltsforbindelsen bridge in Denmark
Updated on 12.09.2023

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