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Driving license in Norway

  • A driver’s license issued in Ukraine is valid for driving in Norway for more than three months, and the recognition of Ukrainian licenses is valid as long as persons displaced from Ukraine are under temporary collective protection in Norway.
  • The rules temporarily apply to all Ukrainians with a residence permit in Norway.
  • You must have a physical driver’s license with you. The e-driving licenses in Diya are not valid for use in Norway (this follows from the driving license regulation § 1-2, last paragraph ).
  • Holders of a driver’s license must meet the Norwegian age requirements for the respective classes of driver’s license.
  • For professional drivers, there are requirements for a driver’s license. If you are a Ukrainian and come to Norway, you will not receive recognition of your professional driving qualification from Ukraine. You must complete a basic education in Norway to qualify as a professional driver.
  • An expired Ukrainian driver’s license is not valid for driving in Norway.
    • Driving licenses with a limited validity period (probationary period, i.e. issued for the first time) are valid for driving in Norway, even if their validity period has expired. This follows from the current EU rules.


Source: https://nyinorge.github.io/

Updated on 12.09.2023

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