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Dictionary of Norwegian products

Dairy products

Hapå – boiled condensed milk

Viking melk is concentrated milk. Liquid, similar to condensed milk. It is sold in many stores, for example, in Rema1000), stands on the shelves with baked goods, near the flour. Authentic condensed milk in blue jars can be found in many immigrant shops on the shelves with Eastern European products. I recommend Steinhauer and Monolith.

In the Coop, the condensed milk is called Kondenserad mjolk by Torstefts. Located in the bakery aisle

Cottage cheese is a grainy cheese with rather large lumps

Melkeringe is a type of sour milk

Mascarpone – similar to Adyghe cheese, but with a different consistency

Fetaost looks like cottage cheese

Smelteost – Processed cheeses, very similar to our Druzhba, etc., for example, from Kavli

Tuffelost is like sausage cheese. It is available with and without additives.

Prim is very similar to boiled condensed milk, and by the way, it is similar in preparation.

Usaltet smør – butter, no salt

Setersmør is like a homemade village butter with a lot of salt

Lettrømme – low-fat sour cream

Seterrømme – fatty sour cream

Creme fraiche – sour cream that does not melt when heated

Tjukkmjølk fra Røros – similar to thick, plain yogurt

Kesam is similar to the usual dietary cottage cheese, without lumps.

Kefir is justkefir.

Port Salut – Cheese suitable especially for raclette

Ridder is almost the same cheese

Skjørost is also very similar to the normal cheese produced in Røros. Sold in the Co-op in plastic jars in the cheese aisle or near the sour cream aisle.

Brynza is available in all immigrant shops in different varieties, both fresh and in metal cans. Some Norwegian ones also have them, but not such a large selection.


Hele byggryn is pearl barley, which is 10 times better than ours.

Hirse is millet. Make sure that it is not old, because it happens that it falls off because it does not use sleep.

Mathvete – Wheat. It is available in many immigrant shops on the shelves with Eastern European products.

Hvetekli – Wheat bran

Havrekli – oat bran

Bokhvete –Buckwheat. The best place to look is in expat shops

Semulegryn is semolina , a delight, of very, very good quality and, unlike ours, clean, without chaff. It is sold in all stores in the flour/cereal departments.

Polentagryn – I think this is good for corn porridge.

Linser – lentils

Havregryn – Oatmeal in any store that sells flour, etc.
There are 3 types: Store (regular), Lettkokte (instant), and with bran (bjørn havregryn?),


Skinke – different types of ham, smoked meat (sainine).

Servelat – vaguely resembles boiled sausage

Turkey Kalkunkorv – Even more like boiled sausage. Just take Prior Kalkunkorv made by other companies, which tastes worse.

Kjøttkaker are the usual cutlets.

Koteletter – portioned pieces of meat on the bone for frying or grilling

Sylte is what was once known as “pressed pork” or “saltines,” but it’s better than that,

Leverpostei is hiddenin round jars with a child’s photo, reminiscent of the usual pate in “sausages,” and bakedleverpostei in plastic boxes is a bit like homemade.

Bacon – smoked bacon

Saltet Flesk – Just salted bacon. It is sold in the fresh meat section, slightly salted, but with layers and pepper.

Turistproviant sells Rema1000, and in other stores for sure, very similar to our stew

Dumplingsin immigrant shops and in some Rema1000

Familiedeig, kjøttdeig – minced meat. Suitable for dumplings.


Juleansjos is our somewhat spicy (“Christmas”) pickle.

Steinbit – toothfish (Anarhichas)

Rødspette – Sea flounder(Pleuronectes platessa),

Hork is a ruff (Gymnocephalus cemua).

In expatriate shops, there are bags of dried fish (cod), sometimes even dried squid (rings, straws).

Sardiner and olje – sprats. (fish consumption!)

Spekesild – Herring, available in packs in the freezer. You just need to defrost it and put it in water for 30 minutes. It is also available in plastic buckets. It’s a little bit salty. It is available in all stores. In expatriate shops you can find the usual herring in oil and more.

Kveite – halibut

Fresh squ id is sold in the fresh fish department! There are deep-frozen ones in expatriate stores.

Fresh mussels are available in almost all fish departments, look for frozen mussels in the fish freezer

Julesildsalat – small oblong plastic boxes in the Rema 1000 are a one-to-one “herring under a fur coat”

Lakserogn – Red salmon caviar is sold in regular stores and glass jars. For example, small jars (50 grams) from Lofoten can be found in Meny and Obs!

Chum salmon caviar is of Canadian or Danish origin and production.

Lately, emigrant shops have been importing the vaunted Lamberg from Germany.


Spisskum – cumin – cumin.

Pepperrot – Horseradish is sold in tin tubes. It can also be found in glass jars, in the spice aisles. You can find the usual horseradish in immigrant shops made in Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states

Sesamfrø Sesame seeds.

Gurkemeie/kurkuma – Turmeric

Sesamolje Sesame oil. It’s definitely on sale at Mepu.

Mynte – Mint. Look for them in grocery stores that sell greens or in immigrant shops

Karve – Cumin

Dijonsennep – Dijon mustard (ed. I don’t know what it is).

Sennep pulver – Dry mustard is available at Meny, called sennepspulver in a yellow iron can,

Sennep – Common mustard. There are many different varieties (Norwegian, French, American with and without additives), as close as possible to what we are used to Norwegian, in tall glass glasses. Kernel mustard In the store, where there is a selection of all kinds of mustards, there is a glass jar of Edmond Paliot Honning & Balsamic Diyan Sennep.

Natron – Soda. In the departments where everything for baking is pale green small boxes with a swan. Or among the seasonings, blue bags from Santa Maria. Expatriate stores have soda in the usual orange and white design in their Eastern European departments.

Eddik is vinegar. There are both apple and wine flavors.

Maisstivelse is corn starch.

Potetstivelse / Potetmel – potato starch

Valmuefrø – Poppy, lies on the shelves where all the spices and coffee are. Poppies in large packages are available at Europris

Laurbærblad – Dried bay leaves in sachets are available everywhere, in the spice aisles


Jordskokk –Jerusalem artichoke (earth pear) is available in foreigners’ shops or large stores.

Dried mushrooms now appear in many stores, in Meny, in immigrant shops

Fresh skekla is now in many stores, almost all of them are in immigrant shops

Pickled cucumbers There is now a large selection of fermented, lightly salted, salted, and pickled cucumbers in expatriate shops. Delicious pickles are sold like this in Mega, Obs! They are called Agurker hele from the Nora company. In expatriate stores, there are great pickles from Steinhauer and Monolith. There are a lot of good Polish cucumbers.

Expatriate shops have goodadjika, healing anda large selection of eggplants

Strimlad Surkål is Swedish sauerkraut. It is available in metal and glass jars. Do not expect the usual taste, but you can eat it. Not salad, sour.

As an alternative, there is a lot of familiar sauerkraut in immigrant shops. I recommend Steinhauer and Monolith.

Zucchini caviar has settled in many immigrant shops, some even have 3-4 types. I recommend Steinhauer and Monolith.

Pastries and Sweets

Syltetøy – Jam. is sold in many stores. For example, the Retik brand is very tasty. Lerum makes jam with a low sugar content. The can reads UTAN tilsett SUKKER.

Gjær is yeast.

Rugmel – rye flour. Grovmalt – coarse grinding, finmalt – fine grinding

Butterdeig – puff pastry stored in freezers

Krutonger are ordinary crackers with different flavors.

Filodeig – Filo dough can be. Sometimes called philodermyif the manufacturer is Danish

Halava, halava, h alava – Halava. It is most often found in immigrant shops. If it’s sesame, it says “tahin.” On the shelves with Russian/Ukrainian products, there is the usual sunflower oil, 3-4 varieties.

Fullkornsbrød is a black bread similar to Borodino bread

Kavringer – From WASA. Just like the usual sweet crackers!

Mini Vannbakkels – custard cakes

Bixit – oatmeal cookies


Vaktelegg – Quail eggs. There’s Meny in the window with fresh fish and seafood, and COOP Mega has a shelf with eggs.

Majones Real – Mayonnaise by Hellmanns. is sold in Mepu. I think it tastes like the usual Olivier mayonnaise.” The taste is pleasant, not sweet.

Solsikkeolje – Sunflower oil. If you want unfiltered, you need to look for “cold-pressed, eco-friendly”. The bottle will say “kaldpresset, organic

Vørterøl is a sweet, non-alcoholic beer that vaguely resembles kvass. In general, Munkholm can pass for kvass cheaper than non-alcoholic beer. The usual kvass (most often Ochakivskyi) is sold in the Ukrainian/Russian food sections of expatriate stores.

As for the already mentioned immigrant shops:

They are available in almost every town or village anymore. In larger cities, separate shelves with Eastern European products imported from Germany, the Baltic states, etc. are beginning to appear. The assortment varies, of course, but the most popular products are usually available everywhere: buckwheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, canned food, candy, kvass, condensed milk, dried gingerbread, etc.

Updated on 30.08.2023

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