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Loppemarknad, Volda Røde Kors

Every year at the end of August, the Red Cross organization holds the so-called Flea Market. This is an opportunity to buy good things for ridiculous money.

Sparebank1-hallen, Stadionvegen 5, 6100 Volda
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For example, the announcement of an event held in August 2023

This flea market is very popular in Volda. Therefore, it is advisable to come early to have time to buy what you need. There are usually a lot of visitors.

Volda residents donate their old clothes to the Red Cross. The Red Cross sells these items on Loppemarknad. The money raised goes to the Red Cross Foundation for charity. At the end of the event, everything that hasn’t been sold is thrown into a large container that is placed at the entrance.

Delivery is also available. You need to ask Red Cross volunteers for details, usually the person you pay money to.

Residents are happy to give away their old things for several reasons:
– charity – the Red Cross fund receives money from the sale;
– ecology – instead of throwing things away, you can give them away and they will still be useful;
– helping those in need – not everyone can afford to buy a new wardrobe or sofa;
– economy – in Norway, people cannot throw something away just like that. Bulky items need to be taken to a recycling center and you have to pay money for disposal.

Also, be careful when you arrive. If you have purchased something and want to go and see something else, put a sticker on it saying that it is sold. You can take a sticker from a Red Cross volunteer.

You can also take part in the event as a Red Cross volunteer. Such volunteer activity is highly valued in Norway.

Updated on 25.10.2023

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