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How to create a CV and Jobbsøknad

What should be in your CV:

  • Presentation of your experience
  • Clear and concise, nothing superfluous
  • Preferably 1, maximum 2 A4 pages
  • Your photo
  • In reverse chronological order
  • Must be attached to the application (Jobbsøknad)
  • Neat and factual
  • Constantly changing, with your experience updated
  • It should give an idea of who you really are
  • Resume and application complement each other

Read more here: https://cvnerden.no/tips-til-cv/

What should be in the Jobbsøknad application

  • This is an addition to the resume
  • Responds to job ads
  • Says more about you
  • Shows that you are motivated
  • Show how your experience can be useful
  • Emphasize your professional and personal qualities
  • Show that you can write (in Norwegian)
  • Show that you fit in with the team
  • Resumes are about the past, applications are about the future
  • Make your employer more interested
  • Will secure you an interview

More about the application can be found here: https://cvnerden.no/tips-til-soknad/

Updated on 06.03.2024

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