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If you need euros.

– At the airport in Ålesund, there is an ATM in the lobby that dispenses euros from your bank card at the normal rate.

– in Gdansk, Poland, there are ATMs in the city that also dispense euros from your Norwegian bank card. The course is also normal

– krona cash can be exchanged at the airport in Germany, the rate was even more favorable than all previous options. And it’s cash.

– it is better not to change cash in Gdansk. There is an exchange office at the airport, and they offer to give you 100 euros instead of 200. That is, the course is very strange. Also, exchange offices in the city give unfavorable exchange rates for cash. For 500 kronor, they gave 35 euros instead of 42 euros.

These are all options without a passport.

– When I changed money in Bergen in a pawnshop, they asked for my passport, but the rate was favorable.

Updated on 31.08.2023

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